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How much profit is the price of aluminium alloy fastener for integrated ceiling aluminium alloy ceiling?

2019-07-08 23:09 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:455 time

How much profit is the price of aluminium alloy fastener for integrated ceiling aluminium alloy ceiling?

The price of integrated ceiling, aluminium alloy ceiling and aluminium alloy corner brace can not be generalized. Because there is a relationship between the thickness of semi-finished sheets, so the size is also related, and according to your sales volume has a direct relationship. If you sell in large quantities, the natural manufacturer will give you a preferential price. If you sell small, you will not be able to bargain.

When the manufacturer starts, the price will be given to you at the market price, and the manufacturer will have to accumulate customers, and it won't be expensive to go there (0.1-0.2 cents difference).

The installation price of bathroom ceiling can be divided into three grades.

The lower level is 150 yuan to 200 yuan per square, the middle level is hundreds to 1000 yuan per square, the higher level is 1200 yuan per square, 3000 yuan per square. The specific price of the product is customized according to the customer's requirements, because the size and thickness of various accessories are different, the price is also different. As long as you find the right manufacturer to cooperate with you, the profits will be considerable.

There is also considerable income, 50-150 lamps, 260-900 heaters per bath. Specifically, how do you choose different brands, process price gap is also very large.

In short, every business, whether Zhang San or Li Si, the price is high or low, is to make money, depending on the way you operate.

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