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How to Successfully Install Integrated ceiling at One Time

2019-07-11 22:17 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:458 time

This is a technical activity to install integrated ceiling. Correct installation can not only save time, but also prolong the service life of integrated ceiling. Errors in installation can easily lead to safety accidents. Following is the professional manufacturer of integrated ceiling equipment, Jinlong Hui Xiaobian of Foshan, explaining how to install integrated ceiling correctly:

First, check the installation environment:

1. Make sure that there is no leakage and crack in the space where the kitchen cabinet needs to be installed, and ensure that the corresponding facilities such as water circuit are laid.

2. Check whether the installation surface has enough strength. If it does not meet the requirements, strengthening measures should be taken.

3. According to the height of the pre-installed equipment, calculate the height of the remaining room space after the ceiling installation, so as to facilitate the installation of corner lines.

Second, preparation tools:

Installation requires a lot of tools, we need to be prepared in advance: tape ruler, transparent water pipe, ink bucket, square triangle ruler, scissors, cutting machine, polishing machine, hammer, pistol drill, diamond drill, steel, wooden hammer, hammer, wrench, steel pliers, twist drill, impact drill, word/cross screwdriver, wiring terminal, test pen, saw. Bow, saw blade, wallpaper knife.

Third, install the edge line

Installation of the corner line will determine the height of the installation and the ceiling.

4. Open expansion screw and hang suspender

Six screws will occupy the weight of the integrated ceiling.

5. Installation of hooks and light steel keels on the ceiling

The keel is the basis for installing the angle bracket and the electrical appliances.

6. Install the triangular keel of the suspension part in the vertical direction of the light steel keel below the light steel keel.

7. Push the braces into the triangular keel and make sure they are perpendicular to each other.

When installing the braces, the spacing between the braces should be 0, the four corners of the braces should be "ten" shaped, and the height of the braces should be consistent.

8. Installation of Electrical Appliances

Before installing electrical appliances, be sure to set aside the height required for the appliances.

Ninth, check and adjust

After completing the above steps, the installation of the integrated ceiling is basically completed. Finally, in order to ensure the safety and functionality of the integrated ceiling has just been installed, the next thing to do is to install self-inspection.

First of all, we must check the visual level of the corner installation. There is no gap and no obvious deformation at 90 degree angle. Then the overall flatness of the brace and the clearance between the braces are observed. The next step is to check the strength of the screw. Then check whether the number of electrical devices is firm. The final test is whether the electrical function is in normal operation.

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