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How to prevent integrated ceiling from falling off

2019-06-03 15:37 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:621 time

How to prevent integrated ceiling from falling off

1. Install keel firmly

When installing the keel of the ceiling, it is important to remember that the arrangement distance of the blasting screw should not exceed 1 meter, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards. And the light steel keel is the most suitable structure for keel, its waterproof and wear resistance are stronger than ordinary wood.

Whether the keel hoisting is flat or not will also affect the decorative effect of the whole ceiling. Therefore, when installing keel, we must also pay attention to the keel hoisting should be flat. Of course, it is better to use Jinlonghui integrated ceiling equipment when installing, because this equipment is safe, environmentally friendly and guaranteed!

2. Selecting Silicate Plate

There are three kinds of ceiling materials: water board, gypsum board and silicate board. Although the cost of the three materials is almost the same, the performance of the raw materials is very different between them. And when choosing the ceiling material, we must pay attention to the non-cracking property of the material.

Compared with the three kinds of materials, the cracking resistance of silicate board is more outstanding, and the shortcomings of water board and gypsum board are obvious. Although the construction of water slab is not very difficult, it is easy to get damp. And gypsum board is also like water board, vulnerable to moisture. In contrast, ceilings are made of silicate plates which are not easy to crack.

3. Using nailing and gluing at the same time

In fixing keels, we have to remember that we should not only use nailing or gluing, but also use both methods at the same time. The angle of the nail in the nailing method also has a clear requirement. It should be able to be nailed into the keel from both sides in a 45 degree direction. If affected by construction conditions, can only be nailed in from top to bottom, then the cap must be embedded in the keel. The joints of each row of keels must be staggered, and the joint of keels must not be arranged in a line, which will have a negative impact on the overall force of keels.

The falling off of ceiling is also quite dangerous. In order to avoid it falling off, it is necessary to choose the integrated ceiling with guaranteed quality correctly. Friends should not only pay attention to the keel of the integrated ceiling when choosing and purchasing, but also pay attention to the details of each step in the installation sequence of the integrated ceiling when installing, and treat each step with caution! Of course, they should choose better integrated ceiling equipment, which of course chooses Jin Longhui, environmental protection, safety, security and self-support. Dynamic integrated ceiling equipment

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