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Three benchmarks for integrated ceiling

2019-06-03 15:38 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:605 time

Low-quality metal sheets contain heavy metals, radiate to human body, high iron content is easy to rust, and low-quality coatings are easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, not all metal ceiling are environmentally friendly, but there are advantages and disadvantages. In addition, energy saving is also an important part of environmental protection. Consumers should pay attention not only to the environmental protection of ceiling plate, but also to whether the electrical module can save energy and electricity. Practicality is the most basic requirement of integrated ceiling products. If it is not practical, decoration will lose its original meaning. At present, the market price of integrated ceiling products varies from tens to hundreds of yuan per square metre, and many button plate modules of low-priced and special products are made of waste materials, which are light in material and short in service life.

Consumers should pay more attention to the quality of fasteners when choosing products. In addition, they should also pay attention to whether the heating module, ventilation module, lighting module and other electrical modules have passed the international quality certification. Here we suggest that you buy integrated ceiling products, to ensure that its panels and accessories are original. The main function areas of the integrated ceiling are controlled by the host, so it is necessary to select the host carefully, depending on whether it has passed the "3C" certification. Many ceiling manufacturers only produce ceiling, electrical afterparts. Therefore, some integrated ceiling quality is not a problem, but there are complete hidden dangers in electrical appliances. Consumers should choose brand-name electrical appliances when buying, and never be greedy for cheapness.

Choosing integrated ceiling should pay attention to pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. Three parts of materials and seven parts of service, quality service can ensure the normal use of products in the future. The front-line service personnel of large brands have received various professional installation training. Consumers should pay attention to the service quality of the integrated ceiling brand when purchasing. Now the integrated ceiling stores will provide consumers with a period of product quality guarantee period, which is different for different brands. And now you can use the four-dimensional stars to produce the effect directly and quickly. Many distributors will seriously damage the interests of consumers when they replace inferior and thin materials with inferior quality and short warranty period. Of course, there are some brands with long warranty period, even more than 15 years. Once any product quality problems arise, integrated ceiling stores will provide customers with exchange guarantee services. With integrated ceiling, of course, integrated ceiling equipment is indispensable. It is fast, convenient, environmentally friendly and safe. This is Jin Longhui integrated ceiling equipment. If you want to find integrated ceiling equipment, you can find Jin Longhui!

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