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Why do we choose integrated ceiling for home decoration?

2019-06-03 15:38 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:518 time

Although there are only two words difference between integrated ceiling and traditional ceiling, there are still great differences. In many aspects, such as aesthetics and environmental protection, integrated ceiling throws off traditional ceiling for several streets. Today Xiaobian will share with you why we choose integrated ceiling for home decoration.

1. Free improvement of floor height

Ordinary residential area indoor height will not be higher than 3 meters, or even less than 2.5 meters. If you want to change the problem of the top floor is too low, you can rely on integrated ceiling scattered consistent structural design, resulting in poor vision. If the floor is too high, you can also use integrated ceiling to reduce the height.

2. Double barrier of heat insulation and insulation

If the house is on the top floor, and there is no insulation layer, it will inevitably face the problem of direct sunlight on the roof in summer. This can be achieved by adding an insulation layer to the integrated ceiling, which can play the role of heat insulation and cooling, and increase comfort. In winter, it becomes an insulating layer, which makes the heat in the room less easily lost.

3. Beauty and health are both right

Decoration and beauty is a great function of integrated ceiling. No matter what style type, it can greatly enrich the top shape, enhance the visual appeal, make the top treatment full of personality, thus reflecting the unique decorative style. At the same time, the integrated ceiling adopts environmental protection metal aluminium fastener, which will not release harmful substances such as formaldehyde and truly achieve green and healthy.

These are the reasons why integrated ceiling is popular. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, we have every reason to believe that integrated ceiling will become the standard of all family decoration. Of course, when decorating the integrated ceiling, we must pay attention to safety, environmental protection and durability. This requires testing whether the integrated ceiling equipment has this "strength" and "strength" faction, which of course is the choice of Foshan Jinaolong integrated ceiling equipment, good reputation, environmental protection and safety.

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