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What are the classifications of integrated ceiling equipment?

2019-06-09 21:05 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:589 time

Nowadays, integrated ceiling has become a new favorite of decoration. How to make such a beautiful integrated ceiling device? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the classification of integrated ceiling equipment:

1. The integrated ceiling die is the most important equipment for the production of integrated ceiling, and it is also the most difficult work in the production process. It integrates the original appearance of raw materials for ceiling, making the ceiling material a finished product. Through other production equipment, it can form a perfect integrated ceiling!

2. Stamping die is a process equipment which makes the most original material into small parts. In the integrated ceiling, the stamping die punches out the components needed by the integrated ceiling through a series of complex processes, and then installs them on the ceiling. Or as a small part of the installation of integrated ceiling, no matter which part is necessary, stamping die is an important project!

3. Integrated ceiling manufacturer is used to specialize in making various modules, such as: integrated module, fan, MP3 system, alarm system, etc. The production of each module will be the deep processing of the integrated ceiling manufacturing machine. If it has not been processed by integrated ceiling manufacturing machine, then its shape is certainly not very good, or even some functions are not available at all!

4. Hydraulic press is a machine that presses oil on another object to make the surface smoother and not fall off. Hydraulic presses smooth the surface of the integrated roof, making it easier to integrate the ceiling in the next step.

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