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Is it better to use thick or thin aluminium clasps in integrated ceiling?

2019-06-16 13:33 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:521 time

When decorating a new house, Xiaobian often encounters some salesmen who recommend their own board when they buy Aluminium corners in the integrated ceiling market: "Look at our corners, they are thicker and more affordable. You can't find a thicker one in the market."“

Friends who are not familiar with the market may have to listen to their advice. In fact, there are many skills in buying aluminium braces. Experts believe that the aluminum clasps that integrate the ceiling are not likely to be thick. Thickness is only one of the criteria for the hardness of the braces, but it is not that thick. The thickness of the integrated ceiling is preferred from 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm. If it's junk aluminium, if it's very thick, it's useless.

Aluminum braces are too thick because some projects have long braces. In order to prevent deformation, it is thicker and harder. Instead, aluminium sheets are used for home decoration. Less than 4 meters away, there is no weight on the aluminium ceiling. Therefore, 0.7 mm of aluminium plate for home decoration is enough.

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