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What machinery and equipment are needed for the production of integrated ceiling fastener?

2019-06-03 11:06 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:599 time

What kind of machinery and equipment is needed to invest in the production of integrated ceiling buckle plate? This is a basic proposition for pioneering development in the tide of integrated ceiling industry! Jinlonghui, a professional manufacturer of integrated ceiling production machinery, is introduced in detail for you.

In the production of integrated ceiling fastener, first of all, we need to know our local sales situation, including channels, sales volume, sales methods and so on. When conditions are ripe, independent production of fastener can be considered. The processing of an aluminium clasp requires a set of integrated ceiling clasp die with relative dimensions. As a production platform, aluminum button plate hydraulic press can be equipped with machines of different tonnage and worktable size according to specific conditions.

Take the production of one piece: 300X300 aluminium fastener plate as an example, you can choose to configure a machine of 30T or 40T, with a new one-time forming integrated ceiling die. Semi-finished raw materials can be processed and pressed into square, beautiful and neat integrated ceiling aluminum buckle plate. The whole production of 300X300 aluminium fastener plate does not need to be equipped with other machinery and equipment. The production process is simple and convenient, the machine is easy to operate, and the safety is high. It can reduce production costs for customers and improve product profits.

At present, the surface design of the integrated ceiling aluminum fastener market has changed dramatically, with various styles. The concave and embossed shape plate is becoming more and more popular, and the sales boom sweeps over. Choosing and manufacturing various patterns of embossing die is a new profit expansion point. Foshan Jinlonghui integrated ceiling buckle machine equipment is closely linked with market demand. Various types of embossing die and concave-convex die come out at the right time. Only a large ton of embossing integrated ceiling buckle production machine with various embossing die can produce different patterns and quickly occupy the sales market for customers. The venue is convenient!

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