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Which kind of aluminum clasp plate production equipment do you need to buy for embossed pattern plate?

2019-06-03 11:07 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:589 time

What kind of aluminum button plate production equipment does embossed plate need to buy? Jin Longhui is a professional manufacturer of aluminum button plate production equipment. Tel: 13929980158. If you need to press the more popular pattern plate, concave convex plate, modelling plate and other types of aluminum button plate, you don't know what kind of aluminum button plate production equipment you need to buy, Jin Longhui suggests. Start with the following aspects!

First of all, the embossing board is on the basis of flat aluminium button plate, which is further processed into various styles and shapes of pattern board and concave-convex board with strong stereoscopic and artistic quality. Because of its super plastic artistic collocation effect, once launched in the market, designers and consumers are enthusiastic about it.

Then, what kind of aluminium button plate production equipment does a piece of such distinctive jacquard plate need? Jinlong Hui aluminium button plate production equipment tells you, in fact, it is not complicated! An oil press made by Jinlong Hui can be produced with various embossing dies. And according to the customer's sales needs, different styles of embossing die can be replaced.

Jin Longhui manufactured for the production of embossed aluminum button plate equipment, commonly used aluminum button plate hydraulic press models are: 60T, 100T, 150T, embossing die, you can customize DIY, tell Jin Longhui your ideas, you can easily and quickly suppress their favorite and widely loved by the market of the embossed board, concave and convex board, modelling board!

Jin Longhui's production equipment for embossed aluminium clasps is also inexpensive. It costs about 35000 yuan per machine. The larger the machine, the different the price will be. It will not cause financial pressure to the production customers, but will expand the channels for the production of aluminium clasps, aluminium ceilings, metal ceilings and so on. For many customers who plan to enter the aluminum button plate processing industry, how to choose an excellent brand of aluminum button plate production equipment is also an important thing at present. Choose Jin Longhui, choose the professional brand of aluminum button plate production equipment that can be trusted!

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