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What are the characteristics and advantages of 300X300 integrated ceiling production line?

2019-06-03 11:08 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:874 time

Jin Aolong (Jin Longhui) designed and manufactured a new (automatic) 300X300 integrated ceiling production line, which is mainly used for the batch production of 300X300 size Aluminum fastener plate. It is suitable for the processing and forming of 332X332, 334X334, 336X336 and other semi-finished products of aluminium clasps and smallpox with different size. Automatic feeding, shaping (corner cutting, trademark marking, bending), automatic discharging, only one worker can pack the finished product!

Simple operation, safer, lower labor costs, improve production profits!

This (automatic) 300X300 integrated ceiling production line equipment, initial installation and semi-automatic one-time forming integrated ceiling equipment as simple.

1. Horizontal Placement Machine: The ground level of the machine is neat to ensure the stability of the machine.

2. Hydraulic oil: add hydraulic oil to tank (recommend 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil), add amount to the position of oil meter.

3. Connecting power: After connecting 380V power supply wire according to the circuit diagram, press the start and stop button of the oil pump, and check the motor turning from the tail of the motor is correct. The correct rotation should be clockwise.

4. Start-up: After starting the power supply and oil pump, first idle for about 15 minutes, no abnormalities can be prepared for test operation.

5. Production: Put aluminium material on the automatic feeding table, open the starter on the PLC display screen, and the whole machine can automatically feed, shape and produce finished products.

The whole process is automatically completed by the machine, no manual feeding is needed, and the workers of the manufacturer are not required, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the labor cost. For more information, ask us: 13929980158

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