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(220V special) What are the advantages of one-time forming integrated ceiling machine and equipment?

2019-06-03 11:08 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:646 time

Foshan Jin Aolong (Jin Longhui) "Starting from customer needs, innovative development", innovative new type (220V special) 300X300 once forming integrated ceiling machine equipment, successfully launched!

This 220V electric integrated ceiling equipment can be used by customers without 380V power supply, or by our integrated ceiling machine equipment to process various types of aluminium fasteners and aluminium ceiling. To a great extent, it is convenient for customers to choose the location and use of the initial plant. Its production quality, production efficiency, security and so on are the same as 380V electric one-time forming integrated ceiling machine and equipment.

Complete, that is, no 380V power supply production customers, tailor-made a dedicated model. For more information about production equipment, ask us at once: Mr. Wang, 1392980158, help your business go smoothly!

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