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New era of integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling is coming on the market

2019-07-01 21:43 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:527 time

A new era of integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling is coming on the market. The integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling industry has a good development momentum. It has developed rapidly in recent years. It farewell to the appearance of traditional ceilings and integrated ceilings with aluminium alloy corner braces. The integrated ceiling industry is like a spring breeze. With the full use of integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling, integrated ceiling company has entered a new era with self-confidence.

The ceiling industry grew faster:

Integrated ceiling has become an industry that can not be underestimated in the construction material market, from small industries to large markets. Especially in the past two years, the integrated ceiling industry has developed very rapidly, and consumers have begun to pay attention to home. On the ceiling.

When the integrated ceiling aluminium fastener appears, it is difficult to open the market because of its high price. However, with the improvement of living standards in China, the integrated ceiling aluminum fastener industry is also shining brilliantly. Aluminum alloy fastener has become the main form of ceiling. The price of aluminum fastener varies from 100 yuan/square metre to 500 yuan/square metre. Quality and style are constantly upgraded.

The era of integrated ceiling is approaching:

The front integrated ceiling is a combination of Yuba, which combines three functions of "heating, ventilation and lighting" into a standard specification. It is integrated into the ceiling, forming a personalized ceiling for kitchen and bathroom space. Its various functional components are independent of each other. The ceiling can be chosen according to the size of kitchen and bathroom and the color of tile. In addition, heating components, ventilation components and lighting components have a variety of options and can be matched freely.

Nowadays, integrated ceiling is becoming more and more human-oriented, easy to install and replace. The integrated ceiling aluminium clasp reflects the concept of green environmental protection. In aesthetics, it also boldly uses artistic and personal elements. In terms of function, besides the old bathroom equipment, it can also install aluminium liner and lamps without installing bathroom equipment. It also makes the integrated ceiling more humane and diversified. It also shows that the integrated ceiling is beginning to enter ordinary families so that more people can decorate their houses. Select integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling.

Integrated ceiling has broad market prospects:

Industry development is directly related to market demand, and consumers'quality of life also affects the future of the industry. Today's integrated ceiling industry is growing every year, which shows that the integrated ceiling industry has developed rapidly in recent years.

The current integrated ceiling market is very confusing. There are many large and small integrated ceiling business, which is unbalanced. With the increase of market demand, the cake of integrated ceiling market is increasing gradually. All brands are scrambling to share a piece of pie, more integrated ceiling brands into the market, to promote the industry to continue to mature.

In a few years, the integrated ceiling market will inevitably be integrated and restructured. After the industry shuffles, the market will be more standardized, which is a favorable condition for strong brand enterprises and consumers. This is also a good thing, not only to provide consumers with a standardized purchase platform, but also to let them buy high-quality integrated ceiling aluminum fastener products.

Brief Introduction to the History of Integrated Ceiling Development:

The first generation: the first generation of ceilings is plastic fastener + traditional bathroom hegemony;

The second generation: the second generation ceiling is aluminium clasp + air conditioning heating + energy-saving lighting; the third generation: the third generation ceiling is aluminium clasp + energy-saving lighting LED lamp, which has entered the families of ordinary people.

With the popularization of integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling, the frequent use of family living room, bathroom, kitchen and balcony makes the integrated ceiling industry promising. In such a competitive market, only products have good quality and service. Brand enterprises with good reputation and high reputation will occupy a place in the market and will be favored by consumers. Integrated ceiling enterprises should seize this period of great development and actively expand their brands.

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