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Market analysis of integrated ceiling aluminium fastener and integrated ceiling machine

2019-07-04 22:14 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:535 time

The integrated ceiling industry has experienced many years of development, the market competition has been very full, integrated ceiling enterprises can no longer sit and wait for consumers to come to the door, but launched a variety of manufacturers direct marketing, group buying, brand alliances and other activities. However, despite the continuous activities, the market sales will not necessarily improve. The integrated ceiling industry should strengthen product research and development and improve the satisfaction of consumers and agents is the proper state under the development of the "new normal".

Analysis of integrated ceiling industry:

The huge development space of the integrated ceiling industry makes many enterprises grow rapidly. The lively exhibition and strong investment atmosphere make people feel that the regulation of real estate has not had a great impact on the integrated ceiling industry. However, in the process of such rapid development, many enterprises are still exploring business opportunities and feeling the future market. Another vast area (rural market), China's new rural construction continues to advance, the potential demand for integrated ceiling in rural areas is also increasing.

The whole industry of integrated ceiling is optimistic about the development of rural market. It is necessary to actively cultivate the consumption concept of integrated ceiling in rural market. However, it should be noted that disorder and weak brand are the bottlenecks restricting the development of integrated ceiling in the competition of integrated ceiling enterprises. A major trend of integrated ceiling in the future will be branding. Excellent enterprises will become brands by upgrading their capabilities in design, production and service. Of course, some enterprises without brands and technological innovation will be eliminated.

Advantages of integrated ceiling aluminium clasp plate:

Integrated ceiling aluminium clasp board can be used for shop decoration, indoor and outdoor wall decoration, ceiling decoration, aluminium clasp board product price is low, light material, quality pass, not easy to paint off, not easy to deform, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, strong durability, long life, rich color, flexible combination, fancy. Various and novel, easy to install.

Integrative ceiling aluminium clasp board has a high cost performance ratio, customers will consider the cost of decoration at the beginning, especially after buying a new house, and the overall decoration cost is a high expenditure in our view, the advantages of aluminium clasp board can achieve the overall decoration effect and save two-thirds of the cost, which is An over-valued decorative ceiling.

Introduction of the die for the integrated ceiling machine:

The integrated ceiling machine adopts four-pillar hydraulic press. The machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system. With the centralized control of buttons, it can adjust manual and semi-automatic working modes. The working pressure and pressing speed of the machine, the range and range of no-load fast descent and deceleration can be adjusted according to the technological requirements. It has ejection delay and automatic return after pressing.

One-time forming die for integrated ceiling refers to the production of a single piece of aluminium fastener in one machine and one set of moulds can complete an aluminium fastener product at one time. At present, the latest one-time forming process greatly reduces the investment. Only one worker can produce and process the aluminium fastener. The cutting angle, bending, moulding, moulding and other processes are concentrated in the process of cutting angle, bending, moulding and moulding. Integration, is now ready to join the integrated ceiling industry bosses are the best choice, save money, save labor and local.

Integrated ceiling secondary forming die refers to the production of single aluminum fastener, which is divided into cutting angle and forming two processes to complete an aluminum fastener product. It optimizes the process and saves a human resource and a device, and reduces the process is conducive to the reduction of defective rate, although the cost of forming process die manufacturing is higher. However, less equipment is put into the process, which has a very big breakthrough compared with the three-stage forming, and is relatively stable compared with the one-stage forming, reducing the scrap rate.

From the perspective of macroeconomic situation, both the domestic economic growth rate and the real estate development can realize the insufficiency of the external driving force of the building materials market. However, in the insufficiency, new market opportunities can be captured, such as the rapid growth of living room ceiling, the decreasing market share of marketing wholesale enterprises and agriculture. Specific measures for village population to enter the city have been implemented.

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