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There are many combinations of integrated ceiling styles and variations.

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In the exhibition of integrated ceiling, some individualized integrated ceilings have jumped into people's attention. For example, self-cleaning integrated ceilings and music integrated ceilings are free from the rigid combination of popular bathroom hegemony, and customized services are also on display. One of the main features of the company is that it accepts customization by customers, customizes integrated ceiling according to their ceiling area, customizes design and customizes individually. For example, it customizes the world only with its integrated ceiling according to customers'ideas.

1. Modern avant-garde style

With the gradual maturity of the 1980s and the innovation of new people and new people, modern avant-garde design style will not only decline, but also be more unexpected and charming in content and form.

2. Natural Leisure Style

Since the 1990s, the decorative boom has brought many decorative ideas, such as small gardens, cultural stone decorative walls and rainflower stones, which all appear in real design. Especially after large-scale use of red dragonflies, "national decoration is yellow" decoration phenomenon, close to nature, return to primitiveness has become one of the goals people pursue.

3. Comfortable and elegant style

If you like European classical romance, but don't want to be bound by noble bulkiness; if you like simple and practical, but think it is not elegant enough, lack of warmth, then try elegant design. Elegant style is a warm but relatively simple design style, emphasizing taste, comfort and life.

4. Modern Simplicity Style

Unconstrained, unconstrained and unrestricted by load-bearing walls are the primary requirements faced by many consumers in the face of family designers. In the process of decoration, relatively simple technology and low cost are also accepted by many working class.

5. New Chinese Style

New Chinese style in the design, refinement and enrichment of classical elements at the same time, inherited the essence of the Tang Dynasty and Ming and Qing Dynasty concept of home, for the traditional home culture into a new atmosphere.

6. European Classical Style

Classic design style inherits the luxury, dynamic and changeable visual effects of Baroque style, and also absorbs the beauty and rhythm details of Rococo style. Processing elements are favored by the upper class.

7. Soft and steady style

At the end of last century, at the beginning of this century, the design of a club that pursues fluent and luxurious style began to appear, and then appeared in ordinary families. Among them are decorations. This style emphasizes the concise and decorative content form, and gradually forms the style of black wood walnut as the main wooden decorative panel. Minimalism and minimalism began to emerge, forming a style.

8. Elegant and gentle style

This is a design style, which appeared at the end of last century and the beginning of this century. Wallpaper is used to decorate surface materials and mix with oil. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People began to use ceilings to colour the top of the walls, while the walls were made of lightweight wallpaper. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a hint of impetuosity.

In the case of home decoration, most friends will choose to integrate the ceiling in order to change the monotony of the ceiling color. Comprehensive art ceiling is becoming a new trend in the market, and there are many styles to meet the preferences of different groups.

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