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The market demand of aluminium fastener industry is vigorous, but attention should be paid to overcapacity

2019-07-09 22:34 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:536 time

The market demand of aluminium fastener industry is strong, but attention should be paid to overcapacity. In 2016, there are some aluminium corner brace manufacturers in the integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling market. Some manufacturers can't stand mountain inventory and temporarily shut down factory production lines. In fact, this will happen in other manufacturing industries. Guangzhou Yingdefeng integrated ceiling hydraulic press manufacturers feel that the Chinese seem to have a spirit of pursuit. When they hear about what industries make money, they flock to them. The ultimate result is that the industry is highly competitive and overcapacity.

Current situation of integrated ceiling market:

Many wage earners can't stand the high housing prices in first-tier cities. Many residents have begun to return to second-and third-tier cities. This is undoubtedly good news for the real estate market of second-and third-tier cities, as well as for the aluminium ceiling.

Second, the consumption level of first-tier cities is higher because of their high economic level. They have always been the main market for aluminium ceilings, but this is no longer the case. Aluminum ceilings are now and will be sold in second and third tier cities. In the main market, relevant manufacturers should pay attention to this point, adjust the target market, redistribute resources, and do so in a targeted manner. They must not be stubborn and hang on the trees of the first-tier cities.

At present, many cities have different levels of development. Major provincial capitals are more developed than non-provincial capitals, but after the 1980s and 1990s, they will buy houses in these cities. Young people like to pursue fashion. Aluminum ceilings are used as household indoor ceilings. Decorative materials are undoubtedly very popular among young people. The corresponding market demand is huge. The family bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, corridor corridor and balcony have aluminium ceilings.

How do manufacturers deal with overcapacity?

1. Reorganization of enterprise management structure. Some integrated ceiling aluminium fastener manufacturers have dozens of large and small managers with overstaffed organizational structure and low communication efficiency from low to high levels. Such enterprises are inefficient to implement and slow to respond to the market, so managers must be reduced. Quantity, the transition to a flat organizational structure.

2. All products sold in China are exported. Oversupply in domestic market can be considered in overseas market. After all, the overseas market is far larger than the domestic market, but not all companies have export qualifications. Overseas markets have strict regulations on the quality of aluminium fasteners. Fake, shoddy and forgery are not feasible overseas. Only high-quality and low-cost aluminium alloy corner braces can open the door to overseas markets.

3. Integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains. There are many reasons for overcapacity. The upstream and downstream industrial chain is one of them. The upstream electrolytic aluminium industry determines the quality and price of aluminium coils required for the production of aluminium corner braces. Downstream agents can accurately grasp the market vane. Many aluminium ceiling manufacturers do not care about the quality and price of upstream aluminium coils or the trend of downstream markets. As a result, they only know how to speed up production and how to slow down production.

In this era of overcapacity, aluminum button plate production and processing enterprises still need to survive, which is related to China's employment rate. Although the second-and third-tier cities do not have a high degree of economic development in the first-tier cities, but because of the huge advantages of population size, the economy is also very large. As far as the aluminium ceiling industry is concerned, the current market focus area is not a first-tier city. It is a second-and third-tier city. Overall, overcapacity has always been a market phenomenon in all walks of life. How do manufacturers of aluminium alloy corner braces cope with overcapacity? Important knowledge.

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