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What is the primary forming equipment of integrated ceiling?

2019-06-14 13:29 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:554 time

Do you really know what an integrated ceiling moulding machine is?

Integrated ceiling industry is now using more and more machines with integrated ceiling forming equipment, so what is integrated ceiling? Compared with integrated ceiling forming equipment, what are the advantages and disadvantages of one-time forming equipment? Now Foshan Jinlonghui Xiaobian Machinery Co., Ltd. will come to you.

Integrated ceiling forming equipment, as its name implies, is a complete set of equipment processing with hydraulic press. The original dual-component device can be completed by one machine, so it can be completed by one machine. The advantage is that it saves a lot of time and labor costs. This is the best choice for bosses who are ready to join the integrated ceiling industry. It saves money and labor, and only needs to rent a facade to make factory models of former stores and factories.

But some people also say that there are some disadvantages in forming, that is, too high integration, easy to break down, maintenance and debugging is relatively difficult. It is compared with the secondary forming equipment and three forming equipment. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of the choice of integrated ceiling forming equipment, the use of these technologies and maintenance technology is more skilled. Operational instructions.

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