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Special panel for exhaust fan of ventilator with integrated ceiling aluminium clasp

2019-06-17 21:47 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:516 time

The panel of integrated ceiling exhaust fan has simple installation and flexible layout. In order to change the monotonous color of aluminium ceiling, the integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling has been carefully designed and specially installed. Its circuit layout, ventilation and heating effect are also strictly designed and tested, all people are people-oriented, in contrast, the traditional ceiling is too casual and unsafe. Integrated ceiling aluminium clasp panel for fan exhaust fan.

The outlet of the integrated ceiling aluminum clasp plate exhaust fan is generally made of aluminium alloy. It is generally the shape of the outlet. Basically, the plastic outlet or iron outlet is not used. The plastic outlet and iron outlet can not be made into a uniform style with the aluminium alloy ceiling. The integrated ceiling exhaust fan is still a 300 mm * 300 mm type. Uniform style and the intake of the aluminum buckle plate, but the current model has many models to choose from, the back has modelling, circular, fan-shaped, and so on, the replacement is also very convenient.

The exhaust fan panels of the integrated ceiling aluminium clasp plate are all treated with aluminium plate. They are scratch resistant, uniform in color and never fade. The specifications are generally 300 * 300, 450 * 450, but from an aesthetic point of view, it is better to use 300 * 300 specifications for household exhaust fans, while home decoration looks more comfortable and coordinated.

Equipped with integrated ceiling exhaust fan logo:

First, brand:

Products with high brand awareness are safer in terms of quality, function and safety.

Second, materials:

The basic material of ventilation fan will affect the use of products. Almost the same brand is recycled materials as electrical covers. After a period of use, the product will appear black, deformed and loud, and cause fire when the circuit is abnormal.

Third, shell:

To distinguish the material of the fan, you can tap the shell gently. Generally, the shell of the fan is used to make the material. After tapping, the sound is very clear and crisp.

Fourth, motor: good quality ventilation fan, motor is the core. Bad fan motor adopts 1. Motor shell adopts simple paint, oil-containing motor, easy to rust, motor heat dissipation is poor. 2. Hot-rolled spindle has poor permeability and fewer coil copper wires. Or quality, will inevitably lead to motor noise, 4, motor temperature rise, flammable, short life in 5000-8000 hours.

Wind wheel:

Wind wheel is an important part of ventilator function. The quality of the wind turbine will affect the air volume and environmental sound. The bad fan fan fan wheel is made of inferior ABS or PP material. It is easy to deform. It has not passed the balance test of the fan wheel. It is easy to shake and has high noise.

Sixth, ventilation capacity

The ventilator with good quality is designed according to the principle of scientific wind movement, which makes the air flow concentrated, stable, high pressure and high efficiency of air supply.

Seventh, products:

A very good product can actually enter your eyes, whether it is product modeling process, overall texture, or standard store image, packaging design, all reveal the strength of brand enterprises, the quality of regular products! Eighth, logo:

There will be signs inside the formal integrated ceiling products, such as the original factory logo to ensure that the products are produced by the original factory. Integrated ceiling fan mask, common ceiling installation needs to engage in conversion box, can be used as fan panel, integrated ceiling vent, very practical! The fully enclosed ceiling interior is very humid, so it is recommended that each ceiling be integrated together. The ceiling should be kept ventilated!

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