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Beautiful integrated ceiling requires a safe and environmentally friendly integrated ceiling equipment.

2019-05-29 18:39 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:425 time

After several rounds of price increases, and under the pressure of environmental protection policy, the competition in the integrated ceiling industry is extremely fierce. In 2018, with the gradual maturity of the new retail model, enterprises began to change and upgrade, and the home decoration industry appeared a "double-day ice and fire" scenario. It can be said that this year's home decoration industry is more cruel than previous years. Various trends of integrated ceiling industry also affect the hearts of ceiling people. So, in 2018, what development trends of integrated ceiling industry are worth paying attention to?

Integrated ceiling equipment

Environmentally friendly home furnishings are very popular

With the change of consumption concept and life concept, environmental protection has become a hot topic, which has also aroused consumers'attention to environmental home decoration. It is not difficult to see that when choosing home decoration products, people no longer take appearance and price as the primary consideration, but more reflect the pursuit of high quality and healthy life. Among them, a series of questions will be asked about "whether decoration will produce pollutants", "whether decoration contains formaldehyde", "whether materials meet environmental protection standards" and so on. The value of concern for environmental protection home furnishings has risen sharply.

When environmentally friendly home decoration products become the mainstream, it will also become the trend of home decoration industry in the future. Similarly, the integrated ceiling industry is inseparable from such a development model, consumers will pay special attention to the raw materials of integrated ceiling when choosing and purchasing integrated ceiling. Therefore, integrated ceiling materials do not contain toxic substances, do not dope heavy metals, and eliminate the use of secondary recovery of aluminum, these are the basic requirements for ceiling enterprises.

Intelligent Gradual Label

Like smartphones, the home decoration industry has begun to change its thinking, keep up with the trend of science and technology, and get involved in the research and development of smart products. The most obvious manifestation is that the integrated ceiling products are gradually opening the era of intelligent voice through kitchen TV system, HVAC system, intelligent lighting system and other technologies. Users can intelligently complete the functions of ventilation, heating, lifting and so on through voice dialogue. In particular, wireless smart switch, not only installation is not limited, but also can use mobile phone APP or intelligent voice control, easy to achieve the various functions of electrical appliances.

Obviously, intellectualization has become a bright spot in many ceiling products. For young consumers who love intellectualization, it has a lot of lethality, and the acceptance of products will become higher and higher. Intelligent trend of integrated ceiling industry is irreversible in the future.

With the continuous change of consumer demand, integrated ceiling enterprises also need to make innovations and breakthroughs in the direction of consumers, while competitors grab the market, more importantly, how to open up new markets. In fact, as long as we grasp the current development trend of integrated ceiling industry and cater to consumer demand, everything will be solved. In addition to ceiling, integrated ceiling equipment is to keep up with the pace of the times, ceiling equipment determines the safety of the ceiling, so a beautiful ceiling also needs integrated ceiling equipment with safety first, integrated ceiling equipment of course choose Foshan Jinlonghui, professional, safe and energy-saving.

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