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How to Maintain Hydraulic System Pressure of Hydraulic Hydraulic Machinery

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Hydraulic press (one kind of hydraulic press) is a kind of special hydraulic oil as working medium, through the hydraulic pump as power source, by the force of the pump to make the hydraulic oil through the hydraulic pipeline into the cylinder/piston, and then the cylinder/piston has several sets of seals that cooperate with each other, the seals at different positions are different, but they all play a sealing role. Function, so that hydraulic oil can not be leaked. Finally, through one-way valves, hydraulic oil circulates in the tank to make the cylinder/piston cycle work so as to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of machinery for productivity.

Hydraulic hydraulic press increases system pressure:

In the process of processing and production of hydraulic press, if the pressure of hydraulic system of hydraulic press is insufficient, it will have a great impact on normal processing. At this time, it is necessary to improve the pressure of hydraulic system. Usually, the pressure of hydraulic press manufacturer to improve the hydraulic system is to use the booster circuit. If the reversing valve is on the right side at this time, then the pressure oil of the booster will go into the work cylinder. If it is on the left side, the work cylinder will go back by the spring.

The supercharger's booster circuit can be connected to the high-pressure oil, so that it can be used in places where the booster journey is longer. This pressurization method is not connected to the high-pressure oil source. No matter where the supercharger moves, its high-pressure oil will be relatively high. In this supercharger circuit, we need to use an augmenter to increase the pressure. Where is the supercharger suitable for the hydraulic press manufacturer? It can be used in occasions where the unidirectional effect is relatively large or the stroke is relatively small. Simply speaking, there are clutches and brakes and so on.

How should the hydraulic press be maintained?

1. Lubrication maintenance according to the requirement of the lubrication degree of the machine.

2. After each year of machine tool operation, the hydraulic oil should be released from the bed tank to clean the tank, and the filtered hydraulic oil should be refilled. The oil quantity should be determined at the 3/4 height of the oil mark.

3. The oil filter net on the suction pipe must be cleaned or washed regularly.

4. Check whether the handle, twist and button are damaged regularly.

5. The motor must be kept clean. The air inlet net cover of the motor should be kept in good ventilation condition and not blocked.

6. Oil, lubricate and clean the machine tool 10 minutes before leaving work every day.

7. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to operate the equipment. In peacetime, people must leave the machine and stop.

These are the maintenance knowledge of the hydraulic press. It is very important to pay attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic press in the use of the hydraulic press. If the pressure is insufficient, it will affect the production of the factory, so we should choose the machine with national standard when buying, not including the machine with small price to buy non-standard machine, which will not be paid for.

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