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Network marketing of aluminium clasp ceiling has become the trend of after-sales service

2019-07-01 21:42 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:559 time

Network marketing of aluminium clasp ceiling has become a trend that needs to pay attention to after-sales service. Virtual stores save owners rental fees, decoration fees, water and electricity fees, management fees, labor costs and other costs, so that online e-commerce platform sells products at a much cheaper price. The one in the physical store. People choose online shopping. Facing such a huge consumer group and consumption, the building materials industry is not moving. In recent years, the online shopping and marketing channel of aluminium ceiling has become a link that enterprises must enter.

Aluminum ceiling shopping online is a trend:

In order to help consumers save more energy and reduce the possible waste of resources in the shopping process, some home building aluminium ceiling brands have launched their own online shopping platform after the home store. Consumers can log on to these Web platforms and complete a series of operations, such as order trading, with a single click of the mouse.

The size and capacity of physical stores are limited. Businessmen will place different styles of products in different stores. The choice is very troublesome. In contrast, online shopping malls can accommodate more varieties and are more convenient. Many people like this form of sales. Online mall has many advantages and is becoming a new mainstream sales channel with strong vitality and development prospects. Many enterprises are vigorously building online sales platforms.

Online shopping can save 2% to 3%:

In today's busy urban life, more and more owners begin to choose "online shopping" decorative materials to make up for the little free time. Therefore, when the mouse moves in the home and orders are online, the staff will deliver the product to the door, the price is usually lower than the market price.

Most online shopping platform products are equipped with live photos, product names, models, sizes, materials, styles, market prices and sales prices detailed information listed at the bottom of the picture. Many people like to buy good goods online. Many companies want more people to accept this marketing model, they will use low prices to attract customers.

Some businessmen can also provide professional design, or can make corresponding packaging plans according to the owner's budget. For example, the aluminium ceiling for kitchens and bathrooms is 5,000 yuan. According to the home photos provided by the owner, the merchants will combine the full-scale effect maps of the kitchen and toilet to achieve the best results within the budget, so that customers can save a lot of costs.

Online services are the most important:

According to the analysis of network marketing experts, with the gradual expansion of home online shopping market, the market has begun to appear corresponding lack of after-sales service, market chaos and Shanzhai phenomenon.

Current online shopping after-sales service can only achieve the most basic return, warranty and other safeguards. For more formal online shopping products, product after-sales service, product distribution delay and so on, has become a bottleneck in the development of emerging areas, so the docking of outlets and physical stores has become a new way out. Online store sales.

The risk of online shopping is relatively high:

Online shopping products are prone to a series of problems, such as excessive photo and physical color difference, inconsistent physical materials and online description, inconsistent styles and pictures, and damage during delivery. Because you can't see the furniture in the shop, touch the nose with your eyes, smell the nose, it's difficult to guarantee the color, material and environmental performance of the building materials.

Because of the growth of an e-commerce platform, everyone has their own views on this online shopping form. Xiaobian believes that the combination of online stores and physical stores is the future trend of development, but some people believe that although there are physical stores, the quality of goods is difficult to guarantee in all aspects, and online pictures are difficult to compare with physical, or willing to spend more money to buy in stores. Therefore, buying products in online stores or in physical stores requires everyone to consider their time and money.

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