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Product introduction and industry development trend of integrated ceiling aluminium clasp machine

2019-07-07 21:48 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:518 time

Integrated ceiling is mainly used in building materials industry. It is an indispensable ceiling decoration product for home decoration and tooling. It has the advantages of beauty and convenience. In 2017, the main development trend of the building materials industry was under the background of "Internet +". More and more business models were stimulated. The Internet sales platform represented by Taobao, Alibaba and Jingdong was using the Internet thinking to change the traditional building materials industry. Development model. In this context, building materials companies must adapt to new markets and new consumer habits, and use the Internet perspective to check and change.

It is necessary to improve the R&D capability and manufacturing level of the manufacturers of integrated ceiling aluminum fastener. Accelerating the process of industrialization has become an urgent problem to be paid attention to and solved, and it is also the top priority of industrial restructuring. Machine tool and die industry as a whole has developed rapidly, and the demand for machine tool accessories has increased rapidly. There is great room for development in the domestic market. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of domestic automobile industry has promoted the growth of demand for machine tool industry and machine tool accessories. At present, China's high-end technology of machine tool accessories is insufficient, mainly relying on imports, low-end products are basically occupied by domestic manufacturers.

Brief introduction of integrated ceiling crane:

1. According to the requirements of customers, we can design all kinds of working face sizes suitable for production and processing, and improve the performance of products.

2. Only one worker, one working procedure and one machine can produce and process, cutting angle, shape, forming and other processes in one, which is the best choice for customers to put into production.

3. Simple operation, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, energy-saving and power-saving, product price concessions, saving a large number of operating costs, improving product market competitiveness, so that customers can get more profits.

Integrated ceiling aluminium clasp machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic materials. It has automatic counting function. The use of multiple CPUs reduces the number of hardware, improves the reaction speed and reduces the repair rate of electrical failure. The main hydraulic components are imported products, and self-development and installation. High performance computer control system, dedicated to providing upgrade space. The main circuit adopts voltage loss, overload and phase-out protection. Upper and lower cylinders are used to make the product more perfect, which can improve the production efficiency. Safety voltage can stabilize isolated control power supply. The column and piston rod are all treated by chromium plating with medium frequency heat treatment.

Ceiling industry trends:

As a popular product in the integrated ceiling industry, the integrated ceiling aluminium clasp machine has been widely used, and the competition in the integrated ceiling industry has become increasingly fierce. Every ceiling enterprise is striving for limited market resources. Many ceiling companies have shown their magic power. Using various marketing modes and promotion methods, on the one hand, it reduces the pressure of its own survival, on the other hand, it intensifies the degree of market competition, quality and brand complement each other.

The brand needs to improve the quality of integrated ceiling. Brand start, sales naturally rise. Only when used can we really feel the quality of the ceiling. At the same time, the quality of the ceiling is also the guarantee of the brand. Excellent quality won the ceiling and reputation. Oral transmission is the most powerful public opinion construction of brand. In fact, the brand and price of the ceiling are not two separate parts. The higher the brand, the higher the price. Ceiling companies need to be clear while fighting major price battles. In addition to the low prices of consumers, low prices can not bring consumers a sense of security and trust. On the contrary, high-priced ceilings are more likely to get consumers'good feelings, and the subconscious has determined their high-quality status.

In 2018, more and more aluminium ceiling building materials enterprises will understand market demand through big data, exploit production and sales by using information technology, realize the synchronization of production chain and supply chain, and win consumers with faster and better service. Seize market demand. We should push forward the traditional manufacturing industry to "intelligent manufacturing", promote the transformation and upgrading of the professional market, realize the innovation of trading mechanism, business model, value system and marketing promotion.

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