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How can integrated ceiling manufacturers accurately position their products in 2019?

2019-07-09 22:37 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:619 time

Continuous innovation and research and development were the dominant direction of the aluminum fastener production and processing enterprises at that time. At present, manufacturers are facing the serious problem of homogenization, all kinds of brand products are classified and branded. Strategies, user experience and business forms will focus on a narrow range. You imitate me. I'm imitating a chaotic scene like yours. Competition is fierce in all shopping malls. In such a duplicate industry, companies must continue to develop new products, out of their own landscape.

First, precise product positioning to differentiate roads

In terms of product differentiation, aluminum fastener companies should follow the following rules:

[People don't have me] I don't have it, which is usually a special category;

[People make me excellent] You make me do better than you, usually to improve functionality or cost-effectiveness;

[People and I are new] You do well, I will be creative, I will constantly change customs, which is usually commodity upgrading or the implementation of new products;

[People are strangers to me] You're a newcomer, and I might turn to it. This is usually the diversification of commercial products or business sectors.

Second, establish product concept and create product innovation

In order to improve the competitiveness of products and prevent peers, especially large companies, from "kneading" or "killing" fate, it is necessary to find or find their own differences. The first thing to do is to pay attention to the central commodities. Central commodities mainly refer to the functions of commodities. For example, drinks can quench thirst, and the content of drinks is the central commodity. Secondly, tangible goods, mainly refers to the internal and external packaging of goods, such as outer packaging boxes, internal packaging bags, etc. are all attributed to tangible goods. Finally, the extension of goods, also known as brand, culture, services and other additional goods must be constantly different.

3. How to Implement the Strategy of Commodity Differentiation

1. Differentiation of commodity packaging: In order to find the difference of commodities, we can start with the outsourcing, which can give people the most direct feeling.

2. Differentiated commodities of selling points: In terms of technology, we can explore the differences of products from the technical level, meet the needs of different groups from the functional level, and create extraordinary brand awareness from fashion elements.

3. Differences in product positioning: A company can not have a high enough popularity, but also can not have a high enough share, but can not have a clear positioning of its own brand and commodities, enterprises need to differentiate to locate their own survival and development. Space; 4. New product and new concept strategy: people are happy old and new. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers need to constantly change their customs to meet the needs of channel providers and various customers. Manufacturers can introduce new products and brand ideas, create differentiation, new products, new sales, new sales growth points, new profit breakthroughs; 5, brand positioning of product positioning: no product can satisfy all consumers. If you want to position it as low-end, you need to give up high-end. Neither fish nor bear's paw is possible. If you want to find a high-end product, you need to give it up. At the low end, only by positioning Brand goods, can you find your own advantages, and then gather energy to seize the territory that belongs to you.

A company's products want to have stronger vitality and higher store premium. It must be unusual. Only by taking a differentiated road can it form a market segment and make competitors unable to follow suit. Especially in the current era of low ceiling in the integrated ceiling industry, how to get rid of this low level of competition and quickly find a "Blue Sea Shopping Center" attributable to it has become the most pressing issue for everyone to integrate ceiling aluminum ceiling enterprises.

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