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Aluminum fastener manufacturers should consider improving service experience from the customer's point of view

2019-07-10 22:48 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:537 time

Since the beginning of the 20th century, metal ceilings have been used in public buildings. In recent years, a large number of aluminium alloy ceiling materials have been selected as ceiling materials through interior decoration. Aluminum clasp plate is based on aluminium alloy plate. It is obtained by cutting, chamfering and compression moulding. The surface of aluminium clasp plate is treated by various coatings to obtain various products of aluminium clasp plate. Aluminum clasps are widely used because of their color, decoration and weatherability. It is used for outdoor curtain wall decoration, interior high-grade home decoration, advertising decoration and other places.

Manufacturers must consider issues from the consumer's point of view:

For the manufacturers of aluminium alloy corner braces, in the long run, we must consider the problem from the perspective of consumers and produce valuable aluminium ceiling products that consumers like according to the development of the market. In order to win good market reputation and further expand channels, aluminium ceiling manufacturers need to constantly learn and communicate to create a win-win situation in order to gain a foothold in future competition and win opportunities.

Aluminum ceiling manufacturers must pay attention to consumers:

Many aluminium alloy ceiling fastener manufacturers are based on the market, of course, this is not wrong, customer demand is the power of aluminium alloy ceiling manufacturers, but in different times, the source of consumer information is simple, too many platforms directly to the user to transmit various information, so that consumers have more choices, aluminium ceiling manufacturing. Businessmen may not be competitors in the industry, but from the outside, what they will do is start with users. This reverse thinking will revolutionize the traditional aluminium ceiling manufacturers.

Aluminum fastener manufacturers must improve their service experience:

In the past era, aluminum button plate manufacturers were mainly based on the ladder agent model, but now the challenge is that manufacturers have gradually flattened the channels, but it still can not meet the needs of users. At present, the main force of consumers has become their emphasis on experience and pursuit of environmental protection. Of course, they prefer to choose simpler vertical service. Supplier, but this must require the agent (dealer or service provider) of the aluminium angular brace manufacturer to be more professional and professional. All-round.

What is the common sense of buying integrated ceiling aluminium ceiling?

1. The thickness of aluminium clasp plate for home decoration is 0.6 mm, which can not represent the quality of aluminium ceiling; 2. The aluminium clasp plate for die is 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm, which is enough to meet the engineering requirements.

3. Aluminum ceilings have good surface finish.

4. The thickness of aluminium ceiling is uniform.

5. The elasticity and toughness of aluminium ceilings are very good.

In the current fierce competition in the aluminum ceiling industry, almost all aluminum ceiling production and processing enterprises are using all solutions to seize the market and expand sales. In fact, the market is short-lived, and speed has become one of the key factors to win. At this time, the success or failure of the aluminum ceiling market can not only be based on "big fish", "small fish" and "small fish". And look at "fast" and "slow" to form "fast fish eat slow fish" results.

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