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Aluminum ceiling manufacturers should not blindly expand value network sales

2019-07-10 22:50 Source:Foshan Jin Longhui Click:523 time

With the rapid development of the Internet era in the new century, traditional aluminium ceiling manufacturers begin to accept the new technology and new thinking under the influence of the Internet. Whether this change is forced or managers have a strategic vision of forecasting the future, network marketing is imperative. Every aluminium ceiling manufacturer is recognized, but aluminium ceiling manufacturer is recognized. It is rare for board manufacturers to achieve successful Internet transformation. According to Guangzhou Yingdefeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., there are about 10 companies in this industry, but there are hundreds of aluminum ceiling manufacturers in China. Back home, less than 10% of the success rate is shocking. Jin Longhui of Foshan tries to analyze your reasons.

Current situation of domestic aluminium ceiling manufacturers:

Most domestic aluminium ceiling manufacturers are small-scale production and processing enterprises, without technical content. These companies are usually not ambitious, making hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year.

2. The culture of the company can not recruit excellent network marketing team. Even if a professional network marketing team is set up, it is because of the unstable mobility of people. Some business owners do not pay attention to network marketing, but try attitude. With this mentality, you can play network marketing.

Manufacturers need to be wary of blindly expanding capacity:

At the moment when the integrated ceiling of aluminium slab is competitive in the industry, some manufacturers are or intend to expand their production capacity. According to Guangzhou Yingdefeng, this may be because some manufacturers believe that they can reduce the unit price of aluminium fasteners through mass production. Defeat your competitors. But one fact has been overlooked. That is to say, the supply of aluminium braces exceeds the demand. Even at lower unit prices, consumers are reluctant to buy cheap products they don't need. The only consequences of blindly expanding production capacity are inventory backlog and fragmentation of the capital chain. The company stopped production or even went bankrupt.

Aluminum ceiling manufacturers should pay attention to network marketing:

The network is only a sales channel for aluminium fasteners. Not many people have this idea. From the boss to the employees, if you just use the network as a sales channel, that's wrong. Yingdefeng believes that the network is a sales channel. One, but much more. In the past, aluminium fastener manufacturers manufactured brands with huge costs and unpredictable effects.

But when manufacturers promote their brands on the Internet, if they can find the right time and spend less money, the effect can be immediate. The interactive people come from, quantity and quantity of the final sales orders can be accurately positioned. Because of this, online marketing is a new business model. Brand promotion, product sales and data analysis are all the same.

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